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Vigorously Representing Medical Malpractice Victims

The laws concerning malpractice and negligence in Indiana are strict and complex.

Indiana’s Medical Malpractice Act (IMMA) is among the most strict pieces of malpractice legislation enacted in the United States. Its complexity and score are significant. A seasoned medical malpractice attorney with extensive experience working within the parameters of Indiana law is vital to the success of your malpractice claim.

Our legal team has focused experience in this area of law. The attorneys of Park Woody Vaughan, P.C., understand that medical malpractice cases can be arduous and lengthy. We provide straightforward answers and represent your rights vigorously and competently.

Critical Points Of Indiana’s Medical Malpractice Act

The restrictions placed on medical malpractice cases because of IMMA are numerous. Some of the key features of this legislation include:

  • Statute of limitations
    • Individuals wishing to begin medical malpractice proceedings against a health care provider have two years from the time of the malpractice to do so. An important exception to this limitation is when the effects of the malpractice are not immediately noticeable.
  • Contributory negligence
    • A patient must not in any way have contributed to the medical issue that is the source of the malpractice claim. For example, if a patient violates a doctor’s explicit orders regarding the treatment of an illness/injury, any claim of malpractice stemming from that illness/injury is nullified.
  • Doctor review panel
    • Before an individual can begin court proceedings for medical malpractice, a panel of three doctors assesses and evaluates the claimant’s accusation and the evidence supporting the claim.
  • Limit on damages
    • The maximum award to an individual who has won a medical malpractice lawsuit is $1.8 million. This applies even if the malpractice has caused financial losses far exceeding that number.

We Focus Exclusively On This Area Of Law

Proving that medical malpractice occurred is a demanding and time-consuming process. These cases routinely last many months or years and require a tremendous amount of work and time to build a successful case. A winning medical malpractice claim involves interviews with health care providers, an investigation of current medical practices and a host of other complicated legal procedures.

A successful medical malpractice attorney combines a wealth of knowledge in the legal area with resources in the medical community. Our medical malpractice attorneys provide precisely that combination. We focus exclusively on medical malpractice law, and our collective knowledge reflects this single-mindedness. Indiana’s strict medical malpractice laws may seem confusing, but we have extensive experience working within its confines.

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