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Tireless Legal Advocates For Birth Injury Victims

Birth injuries occur as a result of hospital malpractice every day. The emotions involved in a situation of medical malpractice that results in a newborn’s injury or wrongful death are extreme. We understand that the need for answers is overwhelming.

The attorneys of Park Woody Vaughan, P.C., provide compassionate counsel when you need it most. We have more than 70 years of collective experience handling complex birth injury and wrongful death cases. Our understanding of Indiana malpractice law as it applies to birth injuries allows us to provide you with a candid assessment of your case and proven legal representation.

Common Birth Injuries

A birth injury refers to an injury sustained by a newborn during pregnancy, labor or the delivery process. Some of the more common birth injuries include the following:

  • Erb’s palsy. A condition in which shoulder muscles are damaged, resulting in the paralysis or limitation of a baby’s arm. Often this condition results from a health care provider mishandling the delivery of a baby or failing to realize that a caesarean birth is necessary to avoid trauma to the baby’s shoulder.
  • Cerebral palsy. A type of brain trauma that can result from either oxygen deprivation during labor or from physical trauma to the baby’s skull during the birthing process.
  • Brain damage from head trauma or oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery.
  • Neonatal infection. Newborns are extremely susceptible to a wide range of infections because of their underdeveloped immune systems. If a newborn develops an infection, it is possible that negligence on the part of the health care provider was the cause.
  • Fetal distress. A mother or fetus may, for a variety of reasons, become distressed during the birthing process. This distress can include elevated heart rate or oxygen deficiency. Health care providers who fail to notice this distress may be culpable.

Is Delivery Room Negligence Responsible For Your Birth Injury?

Proving negligence in a hospital or emergency room setting is complicated and challenging. To be considered medical malpractice, the birth injury must have been preventable, and this needs to be proven. Additionally, it must be proven that the health care provider did not meet established standards of care. Finally, in accordance with Indiana’s Medical Malpractice Act, an individual’s claim related to birth injury must be reviewed and assessed by a panel of health care professionals who decide whether the individual has a legitimate claim that can be brought before a court of law.

Our attorneys provide tenacious legal representation should you decide to pursue legal action. Medical malpractice cases are difficult to prove and often stretch out for many months. We can navigate you through the legal hurdles and logistics involved in pursuing a birth injury malpractice claim.

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