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2 car collisions can still lead to pedestrian injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Personal Injury

Pedestrians always have to be cautious on the roads, but it’s not solely their responsibility to protect themselves. Drivers also have to be aware that they are present and take steps to avoid colliding with them. If drivers make a mistake and hit each other, then pedestrians standing nearby could be at risk.

A cautionary tale

Take, for example, this cause from Indiana University in which a student was hit by a pickup truck while attempting to cross at an intersection between Indiana Avenue and Third Street.

According to the story, the student had just reached the corner after crossing the street when a box truck allegedly ran a red light and hit a pickup truck. That pickup truck went on to spin from the impact and ran into the student, leading to the student’s critical injuries.

The student was flown to Indianapolis for further medical care, though no one else was injured in the crash.

More than one way to seek coverage

In this kind of crash, a victim may have a few choices about how to pursue compensation. There is more than one driver who is technically responsible in some collisions, especially when they involve multiple vehicles or individuals.

If you are hit by a car as a pedestrian, remember that you should always seek medical attention right away. Once your condition is stable, you may want to reach out to your attorney to start the process of seeking compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit or filing a claim against the other party’s insurance.