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A bad blood draw or injection can do permanent damage to your veins

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals train so that they can easily and accurately insert a needle into someone’s vein to draw blood or give a drug without damaging the nearby tissue. Unfortunately, not all medical workers are as skilled as they ought to be when it comes to phlebotomy.

Especially if you have an ongoing need for intravenous (IV) drug administration, having a medical professional make mistakes while putting a line in or drawing blood could have disastrous consequences for your medical care.

Even a small mistake can result in a blown vein

When someone punctures both walls of a vein, it is said that they have blown the vein. Blown veins leak blood, which makes them unusable for medical needs. With rest, healthy people typically recover from blown veins.

Blown veins result from using too much force, the wrong angle or the wrong needle size in many cases. Medical care providers will likely need to change the site where they intend to inject you or draw your blood from because of a blown vein.

Sometimes blown veins can turn into collapsed veins

Blown veins don’t always heal. A collapsed vein can cause not only severe bruising to nearby tissue but can also impede blood flow to the body parts that receive blood from that vein. A collapsed vein may take days, if not weeks, to recover.

During that time, the patient will potentially have diminished blood flow to the affected area. In severe cases, collapsed veins can become permanent, leading to circulation issues or medical complications because of the drug administered.

Those hurt by medical mistakes, especially repeated mistakes or problems that professionals should have been able to prevent may have grounds to take legal action against the professional or facility involved in their injury. The more severe the injury or the worse its impact on your health, the stronger your potential case for a medical malpractice claim will become.