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One type of crash that almost always involves semi-trucks

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

Some kinds of crashes can involve almost any vehicle. A bicycle could rear-end a car just as easily as an SUV could. However, certain kinds of crashes only occur with specific types of vehicles.

Underride collisions, which are among the worst crashes that can occur, almost exclusively involve commercial vehicles, like semi-trucks. When underride collisions occur, the people in the smaller vehicle often suffer catastrophic consequences. Those who know about these crashes and what causes them can potentially do a better job of avoiding them.

Why do underride collisions occur?

Underride crashes happen when a smaller passenger vehicle strikes a taller commercial vehicle, often while traveling at a significant speed. Failing to leave adequate space between vehicles can contribute to these crashes. The truck, which may have stopped or maintained a lower speed, doesn’t respond to the crash like a smaller vehicle would. It may suffer very little damage and may not even move much as a result of the crash.

A rear underride collision happens when a car rear-ends a truck. This kind of crash might result in a car going under the rear axle of the truck’s trailer. A side underride collision happens if a vehicle passes between the axles under the trailer. In both kinds of collisions, catastrophic vehicle damage and fatal injuries can result.

The owners of commercial vehicles can reduce the likelihood of these often tragic collisions by investing in good underride guards. Those affected by collisions caused by commercial vehicles may be able to file an insurance claim or in some cases, a civil lawsuit. Learning more about the different kinds of motor vehicle crashes that occur will better prepare you to handle one.