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Why does your risk of a vehicle crash rise during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

With the arrival of December comes several holidays for the spiritually minded and those who love to celebrate. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and even the pagan holiday Yule all occur in December.

The summer season typically sees the most car accidents annually in the U.S., but they also occur frequently during the holidays. Knowing what causes these crashes helps you avoid them and protect your celebrations.

More distractions

Motorists face more distractions during the holidays than most other times. They may have kids arguing in the rear seat or receive constant calls from a family member while driving. Anything that removes attention from driving puts others at risk of accident injuries.

More traffic

You face as much traffic during the holidays as in the summer. However, holiday traffic is dense and concentrated in heavy-use areas (like entrances to malls or stores). When almost everyone is hurrying to finish shopping and go home, your accident risk increases.

More alcohol

Generally, Americans drink more during the holiday season. Whether they had spiked eggnog at an after-work party or champagne with friends, many drivers have recently consumed alcohol. Drunk driving remains a top factor in vehicle crashes during the holidays.

More weather challenges

End-of-year weather in Indianapolis ranges from sunny and relatively mild to frigid with rain, snow or both. Winter precipitation paired with engine heat may create a sludge that constantly melts and refreezes, leaving roads more dangerous than usual.

Say that you don’t drink and drive, are not easily distracted and can handle bad weather and traffic like a pro. The motorists you share the road with might not be so able. If an accident leaves you with serious injuries at any time of the year, explore your options for financial recovery under Indiana injury compensation laws.