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Medical Malpractice Can Happen After The Operation Too

Most people associate “surgery negligence” with the surgical procedure itself. Yet often the actual operation appears to go fine and the complications occur later in post-operative recovery, in the patient’s hospital room or after they have been discharged.

Failure to monitor patients post-op and failure to diagnose life-threatening complications may be grounds for a medical malpractice suit if it resulted in lasting harm or death. The attorneys of Park Woody Vaughan, P.C., have years of experience with surgery malpractice, including negligence in post-operative and follow-up care.

Post-Operative Complications Of Surgery

Post-surgical recovery can be a critical time. The patient is groggy from the anesthetic and weak from the operation. The surgeon, anesthesia team and post-op nurses should be attentive and vigilant. Yet all too often, the medical professionals ignore patients or family members who say that something is wrong. The patient goes from bad to worse, and sometimes the damage is irreversible or fatal by the time the patient receives medical intervention.

Many post-surgery scenarios are dire emergencies, as when the patient:

  • Suffers a stroke or aneurysm in post-op
  • Develops sepsis (blood poisoning)
  • Has undiagnosed hemorrhage (internal bleeding)
  • Develops a staph infection or other drug-resistant infection
  • Suffers complications of a bowel obstruction
  • Suffers a heart attack shortly after discharge

Any of these complications can be fatal. Even if the patient survives, the result may be paralysis, brain damage, organ failure, surgical amputation or other permanent loss.

When Is It Medical Negligence?

There are risks to any medical operation, including post-operative risks. When we analyze a potential lawsuit for medical malpractice, we are looking for evidence that the medical team cut corners or deviated from standard procedures. Was the patient properly monitored throughout the stages of recovery? Did medical staff miss telltale signs or symptoms? Did the doctor or nurse dismiss patient complaints or concerns of family members? Was the medical response delayed once the problem was diagnosed? Was the patient sent home prematurely or after complaining of chest pain, abdominal pain or a splitting headache?

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